We feel the Nike+ Human Race event organized by Nike bridges all of the great benefits of running. We see this event as an opportunity to:

  1. Create and promote health and fitness by training and running in the 10k. (personal and community health development)
  2. Raise money and awareness for NineMillion.org and it's efforts to promote education and sports programs for Refugees. (humanitarian contribution)
  3. Promote Meb's support of NineMillion.org and Meb's athletic achievements to the general running community. (promoting affiliates)
  4. Run the race with friends and make new friends during the event. (embrace the social benefits of running)
  5. Enjoy a free concert by the amazing Kanye West as a reward for our efforts. (entertainment)

So join Team Meb in it's efforts to support the Nike+ Human Race,
NineMillion.org, and let's enjoy ourselves as we help others!